Don’t Scrap Those Wood Floors Yet!

When you’re in the business of fixing up old homes, it’s not uncommon to come across original hardwood floors in need of repair. Sometimes those repairs seem insurmountable: we’ve seen everything from warped boards to water damage, cracks, termite infestation, deep scratches or gouges and everyone’s favorite—pet urine. It’s no wonder some people feel like the best or easiest option is to rip the entire floor out and start again.

The good news is that most hardwood floors can be fixed. In some cases a floor might need sanding but in others maybe not but either way refinished floors can add character and charm to any home. Refinishing the surface (which is best done by a pro, by the way) can not only remove a lot of damage, it update the entire look of the room if that’s what you’re going for. Different colored stains can make a formerly light wood surface look like rich mahogany or vise versa.

When certain spots are beyond repair, all is not lost. Individual boards or sections can be removed with new boards patching in the holes. Then when the entire floor is refinished old and new will blend together. A properly refinished floor can last another couple of decades.

The look of a wood floor isn’t the only thing that can be fixed. Squeaky boards can be fixed. Termite and insect infestations can be treated.

Over the long term, a well-cared for wood floor can last for a hundred years or more. What’s even better is that refinishing a floor is MUCH cheaper than installing a new wood or laminate floor. And they last a lot longer than laminate, which is an added bonus.

The best thing to do before starting work on your floors is to research as much as you can about the topic. The more you know, the more likely you’ll be happy with the results when you’re finished.

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