Vintage Flip Season 1 Episode 3 | 1902 Turn of the Century Cottage

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I bought this turn of the century home in Downtown Upland for 2 reasons. One, I really liked the way the home looked and what I knew I was able to do to it. Two, Upland has always been a city both Tina and I have a soft spot for. It is where Tina grew up and where we lived together for 2 years early in our marriage. After we saw the house for the first time we knew what we could do to this place. Tina already had the vision in her mind of what this place should look like and I knew this was a project that fit my niche.


We started by gutting the entire interior and reworked the floor plan so that it could function better. The biggest obstacle at that time was taking all the old doors and moldings off so that we can reuse them. These pieces have been part of this house when it was first built and it was very important to us that we reuse them. It was meticulous but after days of carefully removing them we were able to salvage most of the pieces.


The back bedroom featured these special drop casement windows that I have rarely seen and we knew that we had to save them. So what we did was we added a bathroom making that room a master surrounded by what I call convertible casements windows. Of course when they were originally built they did not have egress regulations like they do today. So to be in compliance we took them apart and dropped them 4 inches to meet code. When we were taking them apart we took the time to restore and refurbish them. We replace the rope but used the old counter weights.


Once we are done there we knew we had to do something about the century old wood floors. So we sanded and patched them as if they were brand new again. Tina had this genius idea to white wash them. It is a process where you take milk paint and basically stain them to look rustic just like this house.  The process was challenging but they came out looking amazing.


After that we went ahead and installed the kitchen cabinets, counter tops and fixtures with the idea of trying to make it look like 1902 but with the mindset of giving it the modern touches of today.


For the bathrooms we tried to keep it very simple using subway tile but we knew that making everything white was too cliché so we decided to add a splash of color. We did this by adding yellow hex tile to the pattern on the floor. It was subtle in contrast so we knew we had to do something a little more.


Tina went searching for something old that we can make new again while giving it the pop color we needed. So she did something that I know she is really good at, she went shopping! In her search she came across an old industrial sink at an old salvage yard that we could take, restore and repaint.


We first had to chemical wash the sink then we patched it best as we could.  The next step we re-glazed the inside to make it look new and finally we painted the outside a canary yellow to bring out those accent yellow hex tiles. I have to say it came out better than I could have imagined. Tina’s eye for design really came out on this and although it was subtle it made all the difference.


On the exterior we tried our best to pay homage to what this house should of looked like a century ago. So after sitting in the front for what seemed like hours we came up with the idea of adding ginger breading and corbels to give it that Victorian look. We then chose Earth tone colors that would compliment each other and I believe we hit it right on the nose.


All in all this house came together just the way we dreamed it when we first saw it.